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Why Having A Best Friend Is Good For Your Health

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A best friend is a loyal companion who will stand by you till the very end. It is more than just an accessory. You need someone with whom you can share your happy moments, your sad ones and everything in between. It’s like a shield around you that covers all the ugly sides of human nature. If there is anything that can make you reach inner peace, it’s probably a best friend.



However, not all friendships are rosy. There are times when the two of you come across a conflict that leaves both parties hurt and angry. Whether it’s a fight between siblings or between lovers, the end results are always terrible. But in the end, it’s always good to have a friend by your side to share life’s bad moments with.


This is where a health buddy comes in. Friends provide guidance, comfort and reassurance. They encourage you and keep you motivated. They become guides who show you the way to brighter days.


In fact, studies show that individuals who maintain a social network have a stronger sense of community and social capital than those who don’t. They tend to do better at work and in their personal relationships. They enjoy participating in groups and civic activities. They also live longer, have higher self-esteem and have lower healthcare costs.


As you begin to build a friendship, you should start viewing each other as a partner. Don’t just start hanging out with her whenever you see her. Start treating her like a friend. She needs your support, she needs your advice and she needs you to be honest with her.


The importance of friendship is amplified when it comes to health. Health problems can seem overwhelming and devastating at times. But you have a friend in your corner. She’ll help you focus on the important things – the things that matter most. If your best friend pushes you to eat healthy foods, then you’ll always be tempted to go back. But you know you’re eating a healthy food because you have a best friend who tells you it’s delicious.


A healthy friend will encourage you and keep you from putting yourself at risk by cheating or skipping meals. She will encourage you when you’re not feeling up to par with your health. She will help you overcome obstacles and stress. If you let her into your private life, she will be your champion and defend you when others might doubt you. She will be there to encourage you and make you feel fantastic about taking positive steps to improve your health.


The best friends we have in our lives are the ones who constantly encourage us to move forward. They remind us that even when things are difficult, it’s all part of the process of living. They encourage us to look at the bright side of any challenge we encounter. They encourage us to use our head a little more and take things in stride. So, if you want to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and keep yourself healthy, find a best friend to walk down the aisle with.


The fact is, having a best friend is a tremendous way to help keep you healthy. Your friend will encourage you. She will help you see the good in even the ugliest of problems. Your friend will encourage you to reach for the stars, to dream bigger and reach for the impossible. Because, without a best friend, you would be sitting on the sidelines of life, mumbling to yourself about how hopeless everything is.


Having a best friend isn’t just about personal friendship. It’s about building a healthy relationship that spans the entirety of your life. Best friends share things about their lives with each other that may not be shared by anyone else. When you have a friend who can see the forest for the trees and can hear you when you need to be quiet, this is a person who can be counted on in times of need.


Having a friend is not about what they say, it’s about the choices they make and the friendships they build. In life, you need to have people who will be there when you are ready to open up to someone about a problem, but more importantly, people who will listen. When you have a friend that is always there for you when you are willing to confide in them, you know you have found the best friend in the world.

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