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How to Stop Fighting in a Relationship – 3 Tips For Couples

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How to stop fighting with your partner over sex? Sex is a very touchy subject for married couples. Fighting over sex can lead to a nasty divorce. So how do you stop fighting? Follow these tips.


Reduce arguments: Constant fighting over every little thing is never good for any relationship. Sex is no exception. Always talk to your partner about your fears and stresses and worries. Discussing the problem in a calm manner will reduce the level of constant fighting. It will also allow you to find solutions together.


Face-to-face: There are times when you can not avoid your fights. In such situations it is advisable to face-to-face discussion with your partner. If you are not comfortable talking to them on the phone or face to face, then you can always send them a text message instead. This will provide you a better option than constantly emailing or texting each other.


Related reading: If you have been having some ugly fights over something that happened in the past, then it would be wise to read some funny books or read some non-fiction books on relationships. There are many books that deal with issues like fighting over sex. Reading these books will help you to put things in perspective and learn to put conflicts in their proper perspective. After reading these books you will be able to realize that fights over sex are not really that big of a deal. They are usually nothing more than childish rage. And if you read enough of these books and understand the true meaning of the conflict, you will be able to put all your conflicts in perspective and will be able to stop fighting.


Time apart: If you find yourself in a situation where you are constantly fighting with your partner about something, then it would be better to take some time apart from each other. Take some time away from each other and really try and assess the situation. Do not push through with anything until you are sure that you are able to work things out without pushing your partner away. If you two are not getting along too well, then try and see if you can do something else. Taking some time apart from one another can save you a lot of heartache later on.


Date night: One of the best ways of solving the question of how to stop fighting in romantic relationships is by doing some serious dating. This means that you should schedule a date night once a week when you are not together. This will allow you to spend some quality time with each other and get to know one another better. Once the date night is over, you can then discuss how you are both feeling about the situation and work out a solution together.


Meditation: For many people in troubled romantic relationships, stress is one of the biggest causes of fights in their relationships. One of the best ways to deal with this is through meditation. Meditation is a great way to relax and get in touch with yourself. Once you learn how to calm down your mind, you will then be able to deal with stressful situations much better.


It is possible that you are reading this article because you have been asking yourself ‘how to stop fighting in a relationship’. There is no reason why you should continue with an argument when all you want to do is make things easier between you and your partner. You are also wasting your precious time when you are arguing as there is no end in site. Instead, step back and take a look at your relationship objectively. Put aside all of the issues and complaints that you have for your partner and focus instead on making things right with one another. Once you have done this, you will be surprised at how much better things get and your relationship will go from bad to great.

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